Spiritual Leadership for Cultural Transformation

  • Fostering Unity/Collaboration in Christian Education
  • Valuing Diversity from a Kingdom Perspective
  • Biblical Integration and Worldview Shaping in the 21st Century Classroom
  • Communicating Biblical Morality in a Post-Christian Era
  • Preparing Students for Life in Post-Religious-Freedom America
  • Preparing the Next Generation to Effectively Engage an Increasingly Hostile Society
  • Relativism and the Concept of Tolerance among Our Students
  • Worldview Shaping in the Context of a National, Secular Curriculum
  • Shared Leadership: A New Generation of Leaders Needed
  • Christian Schools and the Great Commission

Sustainability and Future Thinking

  • Effective Admissions Strategies: Increasing the Value Proposition while Maintaining Our Christian Distinctives
  • Strategies for Christian School Growth
  • Development Initiatives, Marketing Tools, and Practical Business Operations to Advance the Mission of a Christian School
  • Developing New Initiatives for Funding Christian Schools and Universities (Welcome Entrepreneurs!)
  • Understanding and Encouraging Millennials to Embrace Christian Education
  • Effective Church-Sponsored Christian Schools
  • Future Issues Affecting Christian Schools (tax exempt status, LGBT community, etc.)
  • Exploring Future Educational Delivery Systems (how online learning is affecting how/where students go to school.)
  • Trends in Online and Digital Learning (student engagement, student-to-student interactions, authenticity of work)
  • Exploring Security and Safety Measures on EE–12 and College Campuses
  • Using Digital Tools to Expand Partnerships, Development, and Missions for the Christian School
  • Developing Productive Cross-cultural Partnerships
  • Risks and Challenges of Increasing International Student Populations
  • School Accreditation to Protect and Defend—Uncharted Waters

Legal Legislative Issues and Challenges

  • Protecting Your Christian School from Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Lawsuits
  • Developing a School-Wide Communication Strategy for Navigating the Sexual Freedom Culture War
  • Christian Education with Grace and Truth: How to Love the Sinner while Encouraging a Biblical Lifestyle

Professional Development Offerings

  • Creating Excellent Environments for Effective Professional Development
  • Instructional Design: Preparing Students for 21st Century Learning
  • Using Tools of the Digital World Effectively for Student Learning
  • Research Perspectives on Effective Professional Development for Christian Schools
  • Utilizing Service Learning to Accomplish Student Outcomes
  • Understanding the Generational Dynamics of Our Current Students
  • Engaging Students in Deeper Learning

Administration and Board Health

  • Leading Up: How to Follow and Lead in the Head of School/Board Relationship
  • Defining the Role of the Christian School Board and Its Members
  • Care and Feeding Instructions for an Effective Christian School Administrator
  • Board Policies and Administrative Policies: Defining the Lines
  • Propriety Schools—Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities
  • Developing the Full Potential of the School Faculty and Staff

Exploring Ways to Build Unity between EE-12 Christian Schools and Christian Universities

  • HS Guidance Counselors and University Admissions Directors in Partnership
  • What Every Christian School Leader Wishes Christian Universities Knew
  • What Every Christian University Leader Wishes Christian School Leaders Knew
  • How to Encourage Christian School Graduates to Consider Attending a Christian University
  • Pros and Cons of Dual Credit/AP Offerings

Higher Education Issues

  • Mental Health Issues on Christian College Campuses
  • Schoolwide Assessment Strategies: What Works?
  • Serving the Needs of Struggling Learners at the College Level