Christian schools in the 21st century face complex challenges and opportunities. GCSLS 2019 will focus on innovation—or developing adaptive solutions to these challenges and opportunities. The goal of innovation in Christian schools is a dynamic and excellent education for students, that is aligned with the way they are created—in God’s image, uniquely fashioned, and called to good works (Ephesians 2:10)—and that prepares them for God’s restorative work in their generation.

Christian education is in need of innovation in the areas of teaching, learning, and spiritual formation; the missional use of technology; engaging the culture for good; diversity and inclusion; and next generation leadership. Along with catalyzing innovation, these areas form the themes of the Summit. Each them is described below in terms of a central question, in order to invite Summit participants to explore ideas, share best practices, and generate solutions for the Christian school of today—and tomorrow.

Catalyzing Innovation

Central Question:

  • How can innovation catalyze the growth of human and resource potential, to allow Christian schools to grow and excel around the world?

21st Century Teaching, Learning, and Spiritual Formation

Central Questions:

  • How can Christian educators:
    • Help students to understand their role in God’s story?
    • Develop curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices that reflect biblical principles, promote deep student engagement, and encourage faith development?
    • Equip students to think and act biblically, pursue beautiful work for real needs, and reflect Christ’s redeeming work for neighbor and creation?

Technology and the Christian School Mission

Central Questions:

  • How can the implementation and use of technology be redemptive and restorative? 
  • How is technology a means for Christian schools to actuate their missions more effectively?

Engaging the Culture for Good

Central Question:

  • How will Christian schools practice love and tell stories of hope to culture?

Diversity and Inclusion

Central Questions:

  • How is diversity central to—and enhancing of—the mission of Christian schools?
  • What are the best approaches and practices for meaningfully incorporating diversity in the Christian school?

Next Generation Leadership

Central Question:

  • What will the next generation of Christian school leadership look like in Christian schools, and how will leaders structure the future Christian school to attract the next generation of families in a contemporary landscape?