Cast Your Vision for the Future!

When was the last time you discussed with peers your vision for the future of Christian schooling? Opportunities like that don't happen often—especially when the conversation can lead to actual change. But that's the goal of the Global Christian School Leadership Summit, happening February 1–3, 2017, in Orlando.

"The distinctive of this event is the participation," says Dr. Stephen Reel, senior director of ACSI's southern division and chairman of the event steering committee. "You won't be saturated with content and asked to digest it later. You'll come to contribute to the conversation and the decision making."

Four plenary speakers, including Lee Strobel, were selected to speak because of their passion for Christian education. "Their content will drive a lot of the strategic conversation that will take place in other sessions," says Reel.

During breakout sessions, presenters will speak for 20 minutes or less during each 75-minute session, in keeping with the goal of generating conversation. On-site research is another feature of the summit: attendees will contribute responses to qualitative and quantitative questions, then see and reflect on the results during reflection times.

"We believe this will drive the discussion deeper," Reel says. "Often when research is conducted at an event, you wait weeks or months while the research is being analyzed; in this case, the results will be shared on-site so attendees can reflect on them. This will be something very unique."

Perhaps the most significant outcome of this summit will be the unity it enables and the resulting blessing of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Nine Christian school associations from a broad spectrum of denominations and age groups served are coming together to sponsor the summit, and all have invited their members.

"To see us lay aside our denominational differences and individual preferences to join together as one united team for this summit will be stunning," Reel says. "My goal for the summit is that we get on our knees and listen to the Lord telling us where He wants the movement to go."

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