2017 Poster Sessions

How to Build a High Performing Health Plan

John Collier

People are a school’s greatest resource, which is why caring for employees and students and keeping them healthy is so important. Proactive MD offers a comprehensive health management solution that extends well beyond the clinic walls. Access to on-site physicians, full direct primary care services, and excellent client support are the hallmarks of our program. By engaging your population and offering them a personal relationship with a primary care physician, we can deliver measurably better outcomes, making people happier, healthier, and more productive while significantly lowering overall medical costs for centers of education. We put our patient’s health first because amazing care yields amazing results. We are the next generation of workplace and student health solutions.

The Christian School Educational Services Standard

Elizabeth Lucas Dombrowski
Executive Director
Christian Learning Center

Leaders in many vibrant Christian schools are enrolling more and more students with disabilities. They recognize that welcoming whole families and teaching every student will strengthen their culture, reflect their Christian faith, add to growth, and contribute to sustainability. The Christian School Education Services Standard has been created to recognize those schools providing outstanding inclusive education for students of all abilities. Participants will gain a vision for providing excellent educational services in Christian schools.

Edcamps: The how-to of a FREE unconference for local professional development for any size school

Jeremy Ervin
Assistant Professor
Cedarville University

This poster session provides the essential components for organizing an Edcamp, a FREE participant-driven professional learning experience that utilizes the unconference format. Edcamps are facilitated by teachers for teachers. Organizers establish the timeframes but any participant may propose a topic and lead a session where conversation and collaboration are paramount. So, the attendees are both learners and experts. Christian schools are always looking for cost-effective ways to improve teacher effectiveness. You can do this and create a collaborative local community of educators (Christian and unbelievers) to be “salt and light” in the culture through professionalism and passion for teaching.

Technology in the Classroom and the use of Project Based Learning

Tamara Gallagher
Elementary Principal
The Vanguard School

Do you want to learn the steps of rolling out a 1-1 laptop/iPad program at your school? Do you wonder about the benefits of student laptops or iPads at various grade levels? Do you wonder what the best websites are for certain content areas or for Project Based Learning that will be meaningful to students? What resources are there to support teachers and to give quizzes online? How should technology be integrated in a meaningful way?

Parents: God’s Primary Educators

Eric Garland
Flagstaff Community
Christian School

It is clear in scripture and research that parents are the single greatest influence in a child’s upbringing. If Christian educators are to truly fulfill their mission to educate and prepare a child for life, then parents are an indispensable part of that preparation. The greatest need is a paradigm shift in regard to parent partnerships to include intentional education, training, and encouragement for the parents. Schools should actively create and offer opportunities for this to happen within the school community. The presentation will give a variety of strategies schools can offer to help equip parents.

Blended Learning: Perspectives From First Time High School Instructors

Harvey Klamm
Assistant Professor
Liberty University

The use of technology in schools has expanded from computers in classrooms and lab settings to various forms of online learning within and outside the conventional learning environment.  Participants attending this poster session will learn from research findings the adaptations first time high school teachers face as they adjust from traditional teaching methodology to blended learning practices.  Participants will return to their schools with knowledge of the four junctures that critically impact teachers’ abilities to modify instructional roles from primary disseminators of knowledge to mentors in facilitating independent student learning. Participants will return with insight that is critical in creating applicable professional development opportunities to assist teachers in their transitions.

Roles of Cooperating Teachers in International Classrooms with High Percentages of ELLs

Brenda MacKay
Associate Professor
Cedarville University

Emergent data from a previous study, which examined how student teachers unfamiliar with Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) managed in overseas classrooms where many of the students were English Language Learners (ELLs), were examined for the current study.

Examine Yourselves: Differentiating to the hearts of our students by measuring what matters most through The Global Student Assessment

Bob Schmidt
Senior Trainer
The Engaged Schools Initiative
Wheaton Press

How do you equip students to personalize their faith? As Christian educators our mandate is to equip students to become fully mature reflections of Christ. Without a Christ-centered model for personal or community assessment we are left to create our own programs and assessments that often miss the mark and lead to legalism, moralism or even spiritual abuse. In this poster session you will learn how to equip students to personalize their faith through The Global Student Assessment and the Examine Assessment to equip your school to apply Christ’s method for assessment and differentiation by accurately measuring what matters most.

Differentiating Your Professional Development Through Blogging

Kevin Sieling
Director of Curriculum
Scottsdale Christian Academy

The foremost responsibility that humans have is to love the Lord with all their heart, mind and strength. By differentiating your staff’s professional development through blogging, you are allowing them to direct their own path while expanding their worldview. Over the course of a school year, you provide support and feedback as your faculty chooses to be either a Learning Associate, a Reflective Practitioner, or an Action Researcher.